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Bud say's 'BE A KING'

Budweiser Experiences recently launched their campaign– ‘Be A King’, a powerful narrative that bolsters individuals to seize their opportunity to shine, brought to life by three inspirational protagonists – Divine (India’s leading hip hop artist), Siri Narayan (an acclaimed rapper) and Mokshada Jailkhani (a body positive dancer). ‘Be a King’ is an attitude, a mindset, and a war cry to young Indians who have the confidence to break barriers and stereotypes, and seize their opportunity to shine.

Directed by Gil Green, an internationally acclaimed director who has directed videos for Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled among others, this campaign is his first project in India. Set in an urban underground nightclub with eclectic lighting that resembles a crown, Divine is seen rapping his vision of what makes a true king, and challenges the audience to seize their moment. Siri takes up the challenge with an almost fierce confidence, and eloquently raps her stance in Kannada. The story is complemented by Mokshada, a flagbearer of body positivity, who expresses herself through a riveting dance, unanimously conveying that Kings are not born, they are made as a result of their mindset, grit and ambition.

Commenting on the campaign, Kartikeya Sharma, Vice President Marketing - South Asia, AB InBev opined, “When it comes to expressing oneself, people are often conscious of being perceived as different and restrict themselves to conform to social norms. We know that our consumers seek the freedom to live the life they desire and seize opportunity to confidently be themselves. ‘Be A King’ is just that, an attitude that energizes you to follow your ambition, free from all judgement. For this project, we are thrilled to have collaborated with Divine, Siri and Mokshada – individuals who truly represent this spirit and resonate with the Budweiser brand ideal.”

Adding to the new narrative, Vivian Fernandes aka DIVINE shared, ““It’s great to partner with Budweiser, a brand that is always inspiring you to be unstoppable and driven. Personally for me, ‘Be A King’ is about being true to yourself and representing that. Over the years, through my journey, I have come to realise how important it is to challenge the norm and be proud of your individuality.”

Siri Narayan commented, “When one thinks of rap, one thinks of free flowing thoughts. But for me, rap is a mirror of myself which I am most comfortable expressing in my mother tongue. I often make a commentary on society in my songs, but I have never let society command the way I express it. I believe that we are all kings in our own unique way.”

Mokshada Jailkhani expressed, “Self-acceptance has played a key role in where I stand today. For me, ‘Be A King’ signifies a confident owner of ones’ own life and choices. Find your passion, go after it and Be a King!”

Watch Budweiser’s ‘Be A King’ feature here:


Divine (India’s leading hip hop artist), Siri Narayan (an acclaimed rapper) and Mokshada Jailkhani (a body positive dancer)Directed by Gil Green @Lil Wayne, @Drake, @Nicki Minaj @DJ Khaled @  @Kartikeya Sharma, Vice President Marketing - South Asia, AB InBev @Ria Chowdhary

Sony Music to release the music of Chhota Bheem - Kung Fu Dhamaka

Global music giant, Sony Music partners with Green Gold Animation to release the music of the latest instalment of the iconic film franchise, Chhota Bheem - Kung Fu Dhamaka. The music of this animated film has been composed by Sunil Kaushik and John Stewart Eduri and has three songs featuring the multi-talented Daler Mehndi and Sunidhi Chauhan.The film releases on 10th May and has Bheem training in the martial art of ‘Kung Fu’ and travelling to China to take part in the world’s most prestigious Kung Fu competition.Of the three songs, Daler Mehndi has an anthem song called Kung Fu Dhamaka while Sunidhi Chauhan would be heard in the fun packed Mahal Mein Sabka Swagat Hai and Circus Jam.

 Says Sunidhi Chauhan, “I thoroughly enjoyed working on the music for Chhota Bheem, a character we all have loved and adored. I personally am a big fan and am eagerly waiting for everyone to listen to the music. I am sure all the kids would have a wonderful time listening and dancing to the songs including my son!”

 Adds on Daler Mehndi, “Not just my daughter Rabab, I am also a big fan of Chhota Bheem. I love that I’ll be singing for the film.”

Chhota Bheem, the lovable laddoo-loving charismatic boy from the fantasy land of Dholakpur, walked into the hearts of children and since 2008 has dominated it. Says Rajiv Chilaka, CEO and Founder of Green Gold Animation, “We are excited to be partnering with Sony Music to release our new film’s music content through them. With their robust network and reach, we are sure the songs would be heard far and wide. Chhota Bheem - Kung Fu Dhamaka has some really fun tunes and rhythms that will connect with people across age groups especially the kids.”

Adds Anjana Devraj, Head Kids Division, Sony Music India, “Chhota Bheem is globally the biggest kids’ pop cultural icon and we are extremely thrilled to be collaborating with the team to release the music. The first video releases on April 26th and the next 2 in the following week with a special release slated around Chhota Bheem’s birthday on May 1st. We have a robust marketing and promotion plan on the music and we are confident that the magic created by Daler Mehndi and Sunidhi Chauhan will translate into people loving the music.”

Chhota Bheem is the longest-running Indian animated show with a viewership (kids) of more than 60 Million, also making it the most watched show in India. It is the first animated character in India to have a Netflix Original show

 @Daler Mehndi  @Sunidhi Chauhan @music video, Circus Jam, @Sony Music @Chhota Bheem - Kung Fu Dhamaka
@Sunil Kaushik and @John Stewart Eduri @Rajiv Chilaka, CEO and Founder of Green Gold Animation @Anjana Devraj, Head Kids Division, Sony Music India @Naethan Burroughs @Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Bumblefoot releases his first Instrumental single

This is the first instrumental guitar song I've written & recorded in a long time... most songs come to me when I least expect it, not with a guitar in hand, but with a flood of emotion. Cintaku means "my love" - I was thinking of those moments in life that feel like the greatest euphoria... like Heaven. How as long as you've experienced this kind of feeling, even if only once, then life was worth living.  That feeling when looking back, missing it, yet at the same time so fully grateful to have lived it...*At some point, I'll make a full transcription of the guitar parts and an audio backing track, and release those too. (That may take a while!) says Bumblefoot on the release of Cintaku.

Saregama files copyright infringement lawsuit against Spotify

A copyright infringement suit was brought by Saregama against Spotify and heard by Delhi's High Court.
and Spotify  has just agreed to remove the content of Saregama, within the next fortnight. Saregama claims that,it entered into negotiations with Spotify for a copyright license and permitted Spotify to upload its content a month ahead of it's launch in India. Saregama did not sign a deal with Spotify formally and hence Spotify has agreed to pull down the content.

Spotify is having a tough time manuvering the Indian market, it having a hard time.On it launch Warner Music Group refused to license itt's content fot the territory of India. Spotify went ahead using a statutory license which Warner claims as bogus, the legal issue is still to be sorted out.That being an Internatinal label is likely to be sorted out inernationally but not having Saregama catalog is going to pinch hard till a settlement is reached.   

Mama I Need You

Danceable and musically ground-breaking, relevant and original, “Mama I Need You,”  the Fourth Single from Indian Lesbian Singer-Songwriter Pragya Pallavi’s forthcoming album “Queerism,” is a song that can move your feet and your heart.  The track, which is about “coming out,”, tells the impassioned story of a gay person’s plea for acceptance from her mother.  The song releases on April 26, 2019.“Mama I Need You” combines elements of western pop, EDM and soul with Indian classical music for a gorgeous and mesmerizing depiction of the emotional struggles of LGBT+ people and their families.  The song blends reggaeton style drum rhythms with Pragya’s Hindustani alaap vocalizations and a stunning Carnatic style violin riffs.  Indian National Award and Filmfare Award-winning sound engineer K.J. Singh has mixed this track, which was co-produced by Deejey Lolly, K.J. Singh, and Pragya. The song was composed and arranged by Pragya, with lyrics by Dena Gorilik, a Russian-American poet, composer and singer-songwriter.

“Mama I Need You,” is the musical narration of a queer person coming out to her mother.  It gives voice to the experience of LGBT+ people across the globe who grapple with family  and social rejection — and who hope for and sometimes receive acceptance and reconciliation.  The accompanying lyrics video, features rainbow colors and LGBT symbols.  This danceable and infectious track is also a significant focal point for discussing the need for family support for queer and trans people.“Mama I Need You” is the fourth single from Pragya’s upcoming album, “Queerism.”  The album, which is dedicated to LGBTQI+ communities in India and all over the world, is slated for release on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

The 9 track album will feature songs in English and Hindi, in a variety of styles including disco and EDM, hip-hop and jazz soul, Indian fusion, funk, and dancehall.  Queerism is the first album by an openly queer artist to release from India since the historic 377 verdict.The other singles from this album are “Lingering Wine,“Girls You Rule!" and “Izzat De”.

Pragya's first three singles and album concept have been widely well received by both international and Indian media.  She has been featured and interviewed on the prestigious Jeremy Vine talk show on BBC Radio 2, and BBC Asian Network. Her music is on rotation on a number of UK, US and Indian radio shows. She has received positive coverage from LGBTQI international press such as Pink News, Gay Times and Gay Star News, as well as being covered in a variety of international music blogs.  In India Pragya's music and story have been covered by Mid-Day, Times of India, New Indian Express, the News Minute, Blush magazine, Radio Mirchi , Radio One, SoundboxIndia etc.

Pragya is a singer/songwriter, musician, percussionist and performer who is classically trained as a Hindustani vocalist.  Her compositions combine diverse influences such as EDM, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, alternative rock, and fusion, as well as classical Indian music, Sufi and folk music.   She was born in Patna and is now based in Mumbai.  She describes herself as a gender fluid lesbian.

Pragya says, “I am a person who is not confined to any single genre, nationality, religion or gender. I want to bring together Indian and western, contemporary and traditional musical influences in a way that all types of people can relate to. I know songs have the power to create a movement, this is my attempt at being that voice for LGBTIQA+ persons across the world”.


@Deejey Lolly, @K.J. Singh,@Pragya Pallavi @ Dena Gorilik, a Russian-American poet, composer and singer-songwriter.@the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia @Queerism @

Aakriti Kakkar & Bally Sagoo. at launch of India's first Premium Cruise ship

Jalesh Cruises, India’s first premium cruise catering to the Indian domestic and international cruise business, christened ‘Karnika’ in an official naming ceremony in Mumbai on Friday, April 19th. Mrs. Shreyasi Punit Goenka took on the mantle of the Godmother of the ship and showered blessings of good luck, success and safety on the magnificent liner.A special postal stamp of Rs.5 was also released on the occasion to commemorate the historic occasion on Indian waters. The National Flag was hoisted and the National Anthem was sung onboard the ship.
Karnika marked the occasion while celebrating the achievements of five Indians who are credited to bring international fame to the country by being the first ones to achieve pinnacle in their fields.

The personalities included, Mr. Milkha Singh, first Indian Athlete to win a Gold at Commonwealth Games (1958), Shri. Subhash Chandra, Chairman, ZEE & Essel Group, the first Indian to launch a private satellite TV channel (1992), Actor Ms. Sushmita Sen, the first Indian Miss Universe (1994), Mr. Mahesh Bhupati, first Indian to win Grand Slam Tournament (1997) and Ms. Mary Kom, the first Indian woman boxer to win Asian Games (2014).
Shri. Chandra was the chief guest of the occasion. Mr. Punit Goenka, MD & CEO, ZEEL and Mr. Amit Goenka, CEO, International Broadcast Business & Z5 Global were also present on the occasion.

 Karnika has been named after a celestial nymph, who according to legend emerged when gods and demons churned the ocean for Amrit, the elixir for life. Apsara Karnika, a celestial maiden stood for exquisite beauty and alluring charm for carrying treasures and pleasures to reward and indulge those engaged in hard labour.  The name also reflects a true Indian identity drawing inspiration from the first Indian ghat - Manikarnika in Varanasi, which is considered as one of the oldest Indian city.

The christening ceremony began with a group of priests chanting hymns as the head priest broke the traditional coconut. This was followed by the age-old maritime ritual of the Godmother naming the ship by stating, “I name this ship Karnika. May God bless her, her officers, her staff, her crew and all who sail on her.”  The traditional cracking of a champagne bottle on the bow of the ship followed the blessing.  The naming ceremony is a maritime practice and is considered a good luck charm for the captain, crew and passengers sailing the ship.  

Mr. Jurgen Bailom, President & CEO, Jalesh Cruises, said, “Jalesh Cruises is immensely proud to give India its first premium ship Karnika, which has been curated to indulge and entertain you in the true Indian style. She is a beautiful ship designed to enthrall both domestic and international guests with the famed Indian hospitality. Our ship will make it possible for Indians to experience cruise vacations closer home with high level of customization that touches the sensibilities of people here.”
The naming ceremony saw an electrifying performance by singer Aakriti Kakkar who sang “Never Enough”, the electric track from the musical drama ‘The Greatest Showman’ for the audience and a special act by stand-up comedian Papa CJ. An after party was held on board with performances by several artists and celebrity DJ Bally Sagoo.

A unique Singing Talent initiative

Parachute Advansed Jasmine hair oil in partnership with 9X media launched Sur Se Shine Tak, a music talent platform that gives 5 singers in India an opportunity to invest in their talent and showcase it at a national scale. Launched earlier this year, across and on 9X Media’s music channels - 9XM, 9X Jalwa and 9X Tashan, this initiative garnered an overwhelming response with over 3000+ entries across 100+ cities in India.

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Sur Se Shine Tak is a unique initiative where the focus is not only on discovering the best of talent but also giving them an opportunity to be mentored by popular Bollywood singer Palak Muchhal and then offering them a platform to showcase their work at a much bigger scale. Five winners were selected based on their singing talent who then worked with their mentor to produce five outstanding tracks and a music video. This music video would be released nationally through 9X media on TV and online. This year’s winners include Shivani Singh from Ludhiana; Brijesh Sarin from Ahmedabad; Susmita Yadav from Mumbai; Ankisha Srivastava from Gorakhpur, UP and Qassam Hussain from Kashmir.

Speaking about the association Mr. Pawan Jailkhani, Chief Revenue Officer, 9X Media Pvt Ltd. said, “We are delighted to partner with Parachute Advansed Jasmine hair oil, an iconic brand, to announce this year’s Sur Se Shine Tak winners and work with them to launch their music video. This is a  unique initiative which gives passionate and talented artists an opportunity to shine through their music and jumpstart their musical career. The response for entries has been fantastic and I am confident the show, capturing the journey of these five winners, will resonate with our viewers.” 

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Sur Se Shine Tak is conceived and conceptualised by 9X Media’s Audience Brand Connect (ABC) division which helps brands to create Intellectual properties and narrate their brand stories beyond the 30-second ad format. 

Sur Se Shine Tak - is promoted across all the digital and social media platforms of 9X Media channels and also on air on 9XM, 9X Jalwa and 9X Tashan. The journeys of these singers along with their mentorship sessions with Palak Muchhal can be viewed on the channel’s social media platforms as well. 


@Pawan Jailkhani, Chief Revenue Officer, 9X Media Pvt Ltd., @Parachute Advansed Jasmine @Sur Se Shine Tak

From Darjeeling with Love....

Priyant Sundas is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston. The first musician from his hometown Darjeeling, India, and recipient of the Asian Scholarship Award, Berklee Achievement Grant, and was awarded a place in the Dean’s List several times He is the Founder, Composer, and Writer of the Priyant’s Darjeeling Groove, a Fusion Jazz Band.

Priyant started learning Guitar at a very young age of four, and his musical styles are highly influenced by Fusion, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop, Indian Classical. Singer-Songwriter Shankar Mahadevan also recognized Priyant Sundas talent at the Storm Festival held recently. Priyant’s debut album ‘Blended’ is a unique fusion album blending soundscapes from different genres of music, creating a conglomeration of Indian Hindustani Classical,Jazz, Nepali Folk. It’s a journey from the East to the West, blasting onto the far reaches of sounds, in a quest to discover the unknown.

In the album, ‘Heartsky’ is an original Indian Classical composition by Pt. Prakash Sontakke, and Priyant worked on rearranging the composition to add Jazz elements to the tune. ‘Bending Yaman’, is a traditional Indian Raga based composition where the Raag Yaman has been blended to add different melodic, jazz, and harmonic modulations. The song ‘Maya’ in the album is a folk fusion song, which has used the traditional Indian Instruments and orchestrated with strings to create a modern pop Jazz sound with a folk base. The track ‘Nandini Chulbulee’ on the other hand is a country based light acoustic feel song; this track is unique as it has a very subtle blend of European flavor at the same time Nepali Folk sound. This track has a very defining use of accordion, complimented by a cello. The track ‘Dreaming’ starts off as a soft rock but gradually opens up to Latinand Bossa Nova feel and goes into a jazz improvisational setting, creating an uncertainty and redefining genres and eventually ending on a Hard Rock Guitar Solo.’ Love is You and Me’ is 80’s Pop-Jazz feel song. The song actually uses a concept of Hindustani Classical Music known as Alap. In the beginning of the song there is an instrumental piano Alap on a guitar drone. The song is a duet and has an old school vibe.

Priyant's Darjeeling Groove comprises of well accomplished musicians from different countries such as Drummer, Juan Felipe Mejia Tobon from Columbia; Saxophonist, Ori Jacobson from Isareal; Bassist, Simon Fagerstedt from Sweden; Keyboard Player, Myles Sweeney from USA; and Sound Engineer, MN Srikar from India. Priyant is currently working on his second album, "Fallen Dreams"!

Check the album at Priyant Sundas’ official YouTube channel:

Shaggy sings for Mika Singh's latest..

Ace singer and ‘live wire’ performer, Mika Singh has collaborated with Grammy award winner Shaggy, for a peppy new single titled Belly Ring. This groovy dance number was launched  recently. Speaking of the latest track, singer Mika Singh says “This was a great opportunity to be collaborating with Shaggy, it was an out of the world experience and we both knew how the track had to shape.I am pleased to launch Belly Ring song. I am excited to see the viewer’s response and I am confident that the song will rock the charts in India.”
Belly Ring an upbeat foot tapping track is composed by Mann Singh, Gora Singh & Mika Singh and the lyrics for the track are by Mika Singh & Gora Singh. The groovy music video featuring Shaggy and Mika is directed by Spiff TV. The song is recorded by Music & Sound, the company dedicated to entertain music lovers around the globe.
Commenting on the launch of Belly Ring, Rajitta Hemwani, Senior Vice President Creative content and New Business 9X Media said “We are excited to have Mika on board with SpotlampE for his latest track Belly Ring. This track is his collaboration with Shaggy and its going to be a winner all the way. At, we have been planning to work with Mika for a long time and having the Belly Ring track on our platform will definitely get the song the right traction and humungous eyeballs that it deserves. is patronised by ‘GenZ’ and the millennial consumers who always discover great music on the platform. I am confident Belly Ring songs’ ascend to the top of the music charts will be super quick!”
The cool dance music video of Belly Ring is shot across picturesque locales of Miami and the luxe hip look will resonate with the millennial population in India. Belly Ring will be promoted across all social media platforms of 9XM, 9X Jalwa and 9X Tashan. The track will be played and promoted across


TikTok has been banned.

Despite enjoying a loyal following of millions of fans across the globe, the app has faced criticism, and a seemingly endless stream of controversies has ensured that there have been calls for it to be banned .Bytedance Technology, the company behind the TikTok app requested the high court to remove the ban on the app but the court refused and ordered Google and Apple to remove the app from their respective app stores.
TikTok has called the ban as a move that "amounts to curtailing of the rights of the citizens of India...who have been using the platform every day to express themselves and create content." The company has also claimed that only a tiny proportion of TikTok videos have been flagged showing that a "very minuscule" proportion of its content was considered inappropriate or obscene.

The bench hearing the case said: “It is evident from media reports that pornography and inappropriate contents are made available in this kind of cyber applications. The children are exposed to strangers and there is a possibility of the photographs, and other private details of the children are being landed in the hands of predators or third parties,”

Here are some incidents that ultimately led to the ban on the app in India.
1) The most recent incident that has gone against Tik Tok is the case of Mohammad Salman, a 19-year-old boy from Delhi who reportedly lost his life after his friend Suhail Malik accidentally shot him while he was posing with a countrymade pistol for a TikTok video.
2) Also in February, one college student from Tamil Nadu lost his life after accidentally ramming into a bus while riding on a scooter with two of his friends. The accident as it turns out was a consequence of the three trying to make a TikTok video while riding on a scooter.
3) While many of us fret over the possibility of politically motivated conflicts during the ongoing elections, late last year two groups in Malapura town of Tamil Nadu ended up fighting with each other over TikTok videos. Eight persons were injured when a group of students and locals fought over Tik Tok videos that were part of the Nillu-Nillu challenge. 
4) Recently in northern India, this year a man in Punjab lost his life after he came under a tractor while making a Tik Tok video. As per reports, the man was making a video on the platform during which he attempted to get on a moving tractor. But his foot slipped and he ended up under the tire of the tractor and then eventually lost his life after getting stuck in the cultivator machine stuck to the tractor. 
5) Another reported incident occured last year when in Chennai a man trying to make a video accidentally slit his throat on camera. According to reports, the man was shooting a video where he was pretending to slit his throat. However, as he was making the video, he accidentally ended up slitting his throat for real and was then captured on the video trying to stop himself from bleeding to death even as he attempted to end the recording and ended up losing his life to the mishap during the filming of the video. 

Does this service needs to be banned or more stringent controls on behalf of the service provider? Send us your feedback.


Aretha Franklin wins posthumous Pulitzer Prize...

The legendary singer 'Aretha Franklin' was awarded with the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation honor recently, becoming the first individual woman to earn a special citation prize since the honor was first awarded in 1930. The Pulitzer board said the award was given to Franklin for her indelible contribution to American music and culture for more than five decades.
Franklin died on August 16th at her home in Detroit from pancreatic cancer at age 76. The superstar musician was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when she entered the music organization in 1987. She was a cultural icon and genius of American song, considered by many to be the greatest popular vocalist of her time. She recorded many tracks, including 20 that reached No. 1 on the R&B charts. Her reputation was defined by an extraordinary run of Top 10 smashes in the late 1960s, from the morning-after bliss of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," to the wised-up "Chain of Fools" to her unstoppable call for "Respect," transforming Otis Redding's song into a classic worldwide anthem, especially for the feminist and civil rights movements,making it one of the most recognizable and heard songs of all-time. She won countless awards, including 18 Grammys, the National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. She performed at the inaugurations of Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and even sang at the funeral for civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks and at the dedication of Martin Luther King Jr's memorial. Her memory remains

Madame X is a secret agent...

Madonna Louise Ciccone  also known as the "Queen of Pop" since the 1980s, Madonna is known for pushing the boundaries of songwriting in mainstream popular music and for the imagery she uses onstage and in music videos. She has frequently reinvented her music and image while maintaining autonomy within the recording industry. Although having sparked controversy, her works have been praised by music critics. Madonna is often cited as an influence by other artists. Madame X is the upcoming fourteenth studio album by American singer and songwriter Madonna. It is scheduled to be released on June 14, 2019. The album follows Rebel Heart (2015) and its first single "Medellín" was released on April 17, 2019.

In January 2018, Madonna announced on Instagram that she had begun working on her fourteenth studio album. Four months later, in May 2018, she performed at the Met Gala in New York. As part of her performance of her hit single "Like a Prayer", Madonna sang a short segment from a brand new, yet unreleased song. The song has been referred to as "Beautiful Game", with Madonna subsequently being photographed wearing a hat with that title; however, neither the song title nor the possibility of its inclusion on an upcoming album have been confirmed. In July 2018, Madonna contributed a spoken part in the music video for "God Is a Woman" performed by Ariana Grande. In October 2018, she was featured on the song "Champagne Rosé", from Quavo's first solo debut album, Quavo Huncho.

Throughout her sojourn in Portugal, Madonna has been posting short video clips and images chronicling her work on her new album. French producer Mirwais Ahmadzaï, who has previously co-produced 2 of Madonna's albums, Music (2000) and American Life (2003), was confirmed to be one of the producers for Madame X. Mike Dean, who co-produced Rebel Heart (2015), was also enlisted in the album's production. In February 2019, Maluma uploaded a picture on his Instagram account with Madonna in a studio. In her interview with Vogue Italia, Madonna divulged that her album was due for release in 2019. On April 14, 2019, she posted a series of teaser clips on her Instagram account, revealing Madame X as the album title.

She then elaborates that Madame X features different personas and characters: Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. She is a dancer. A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian. A prisoner. A student. A mother. A child. A teacher. A nun. A singer. A saint. A whore. A spy in the house of love. I am Madame X.

The album's lead single, "Medellín", was released on April 17, 2019, coinciding with the album becoming available to pre-order. The track is a duet with Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter Maluma. Madonna is scheduled to perform two songs in Tel Aviv, Israel, during the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on May 18, 2019. One of the songs during the performance is planned to be a new single, alongside a "well-known single". The appearance will reportedly cost the European Broadcasting Union US$1 million, paid for by Israeli-Canadian businessman Sylvan Adams.

Global IP Champion Award 2019 goes to...

 The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) and U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) hosted “Creative India: Honoring the Legacy, Fostering the Future” to identify ways the U.S. and India can join forces to combat online piracy and protect cross-border innovation and creativity. The event brought together industry leaders and enforcement authorities from the U.S. and India to discuss new ideas to combat digital piracy, enforce intellectual property (IP) rights, and inspire international creativity.

Opening the event with the keynote address, Edgard Kagan, U.S. Consul General in Mumbai, said, “Next time you go see a film, stick around for the credits. Notice how many names are there that you don’t recognize. Intellectual property thieves are stealing from those people, even more than they are stealing from big media companies or famous movie stars. That’s why this is so important and that’s why the United States will continue to work closely with our friends in India to improve laws, regulations, and enforcement against content piracy in all its forms.”

The panel discussion featured U.S. and Indian industry experts and enforcement leaders including Brijesh Singh, Special Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra Cyber, Mumbai; Blaise Fernandes, President & CEO, Indian Music Industry; and Thomas George, Partner, Saikrishna & Associates. 

Following the panel discussion, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce honored the MCDCU—South Asia’s first public-private initiative to combat digital piracy—with the 2019 Global IP Champion award in recognition of their efforts to protect the rights of content owners online. The Global IP Champion award recognizes a member of the IP community who has advanced reforms to foster and protect innovation and creativity in their communities and around the world. Launched in August 2017, the MCDCU has disrupted 235 websites hosting pirated content, resulting in savings to the tune of Rs. 120 crore or approximately $17 million for content creators.


Raju Singh, the Musical Sikh behind 'Kesari'

t's always the stars behind stars that make the stars or their films. So while we mostly know about the actors or the songs that get popular, ever wondered who's responsible for the thrill and the romance or the dhishoom dhishoom that our movies are so known for? It's the magical works of background music composers. 
So while Akshay Kumar starrer Kesari is raking in the moolah with its recent release at the box office, there's one musical Sikh who's played an instrumental role in the making of this film. We are talking about composer Raju Singh who is known for film background music pieces in Bollywood industry. 

Having worked with the filmmaker of Kesari, Anurag Singh in his Punjabi national award winning film, Punjab 1984, Singh has been a great fan of the filmmaker ever since. "I just love the way Anurag works on his films. He is such a versatile director, right from Jatt & Juliet which was a complete commercial entertainer to the serious drama Punjab 1984, Anurag had shown great versatility and sensibilities of all kinds of cinema. I enjoyed the process of music arrangements even in Kesari," says Singh while further adding, "Anurag is among those directors that give so much importance to every aspect of filmmaking. I was brought on board and also started working even before the shooting of the film began. Generally, filmmakers shoot a lot of the film and then give it to the composers to piece together the background tracks, however, Anurag wanted this film to be so enriched with the Punjabi culture as it celebrates the bravura of the great Sikh warriors who fought tooth and nail to protect their land, that he wanted me to move along with my work as the shooting progressed. His expectations brought out the best in me and I loved this challenge to bits!" Clearly the teaming of Raju Singh and Anurag Singh is working wonders, first the national award for Punjab 1984 and now the rave reviews for Kesari! 

Ironically, Raju Singh has also been associated with Akshay Kumar's films and has been a part of Akhay's journey in the industry. Right from Akshay's debut movie Saugandh to Kesari, Raju Singh has arranged the background pieces for his films, "Coincidentally it's true that my association with Akshay goes a long way. In fact I've worked in quite a few of Akshay's films including the likes of Sainik, and then his famous Khiladi series and now Kesari! It's been a great journey," says Raju Singh.

Danny Boyle's latest is a Musical...

'Yesterday' is an upcoming 2019 British musical comedy film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Richard Curtis, from a story by Jack Barth. It stars Himesh Patel as a musician who, after an accident, finds himself in a world where he is the only person who remembers The Beatles, and becomes famous performing their songs as his own. Lily James, Kate McKinnon, and Ed Sheeran also star.

Jack Malik is a struggling musician. After being hit by a bus during a worldwide blackout, Jack awakens in the hospital, and discovers that he seems to now be living in a world where The Beatles never existed. Performing their music, he soon becomes a pop sensation in the eyes of the media and the adoring public.
It will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on 4 May 2019.[1] The film will be released on 28 June 2019 by Universal Pictures.

Watch the Trailer here:

'Blue Sky' Released...

By Chance, a fairly new Rock Band has now released their debut single titled "Blue Sky. The song is an old school rock tune with a modern punch and talks about the state of pollution in Rohan Solomon's home city, New Delhi and how he wishes to see the same blue sky as he did when he was growing up. Blue Sky is a fun packed song but talks about pollution and the frustration of Delhi citizens. The band has gone an old school route and have recorded everything in the analog domain at "Engine Room Audio", which is one of the Biggest Recording Studios in New York City.
Rohan Solomon speaking on the launch of the album says, "Blue Sky is based on the nostalgia I feel for my home town, Delhi any my memories of the pure, blue sky of my childhood. About the song technology, It was liberating and refreshing to not be dependent on virtual instruments and MIDI and use only analog equipment to record this song. I feel that's what gives this song its depth"

"Public Sab Janti Hai"

With the election season upon the country, Hungama Artist Aloud, a platform that supports and promotes independent content, has launched a new single titled, ‘Public Sab Janti Hai’. Conceptualized by Mihir D. Upadhyay, with music composed by Ashim Kemson and lyrics by Swati Marwal and Mihir D Upadhyay, the track has been sung by Ashim Kemson and Kiara Khantwal.
The track brings to fore the fact that during elections, most politicians and media houses don’t stop at anything to convert votes in their favour. They try to seduce people, bribe them and most importantly divide them on the basis of religion, caste, geography, culture, social status, skin colour and more. A tactic that has been used by colonial powers in the past, has led to exploitation and prevented the country from achieving its true potential.
Talking about the track, Soumini Sridhara Paul, Vice-President, Artist Aloud, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. said, “Hungama Artist Aloud stands for independent artistes and has always believed in being a platform that can help them reach a wider audience. Public Sab Janti Hai is about a relevant issue that needs to be spoken about and imbibed. We are glad to have the track on Artist Aloud and are certain that it will strike a chord with the citizens of India.”
Speaking about the song, film maker Mihir said, “With the elections soon approaching, I decided to create a message for the politicians who are trying to divide us and to the public who may be getting fooled by their false claims. The project has been completely constructed on pure love for the country and humanity. I feel there are many things we expect from our politicians but the two non-negotiable qualities are honesty and compassion. The Indians have an amazing capability to forgive and be patient but if you mess with them – there’s no shield against their wrath. It feels great to work with Hungama Artist Aloud to take this message far and wide.”
Elaborating further he said, “The song is reflection of what we are seeing around us. It is important to call out the tactics used by politicians and media houses and equally important to raise awareness amongst voters about the same. I will feel this effort is a success if we manage to warn a single politician or stop an Indian from falling for the age old strategy of divide and rule.”
You can listen to the track here:
And, Watch the video here:


BMI announces...

BMI is pleased to celebrate an evening of exceptional songwriting at its 67th Annual BMI Pop Awards.  In an event 22 years in the making, Sting, already a BMI Icon, will be honored for his enduring hit single “Every Breath You Take,” which has become the Most Performed Song in BMI’s catalog of over 14 million musical works.  The award ceremony will also celebrate multi-platinum GRAMMY Award-winning band Imagine Dragons with the BMI President’s Award, and Martin Bandier, legendary music publishing executive, will be named a BMI Icon, the first time a music publisher has been given this honor. The private event will be hosted by BMI President and CEO Mike O’Neill and Vice President Worldwide Creative, Barbara Cane and will take place on Tuesday, May 14, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.
“We couldn’t be more excited for this year’s ceremony which honors the best of the best in pop music and celebrates songwriting at its finest,” said O’Neill.  “For the first time in 22 years, BMI has a new top song in our repertoire with Sting’s timeless hit ‘Every Breath You Take,’ a remarkable achievement that solidifies its place in songwriting history.  It’s a milestone that demands a special tribute.”  O’Neill added, “We are also thrilled to celebrate the groundbreaking artistry and creative vision of Imagine Dragons who have become one of the most compelling rock bands of the last decade and a most deserving recipient of our President’s Award.  And, when you think of music icons, Marty Bandier certainly falls within that category. BMI is thrilled to honor him for his indelible imprint on all facets of the music industry.”
The evening will also salute the songwriters and publishers of the past year’s 50 most-performed pop songs in the United States from BMI’s repertoire of more than 14 million musical works. The BMI Most Performed Pop Song, Songwriter of the Year and Publisher of the Year will also be named during the ceremony.
With nearly 15 million radio plays, Sting’s “Every Breath You Take” has become the Most Performed Song in BMI’s catalog, a distinction previously held by Mann and Weill’s “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” for the last 22 years. Written by Sting and performed by The Police, “Every Breath You Take” became a hit in 1983 before its 1995 resurgence with “I’ll Be Missing You” by P. Diddy, Faith Evans and 112. In 2016, Sting was honored as a BMI Icon and also accepted a BMI Million-Air Award to recognize 13 million combined radio plays at the BMI London Awards where he said: “…your real job as a songwriter is to provide a soundtrack to people’s emotional lives, touchstones for their emotional landscapes, their memories. And that’s an unexpected and unanticipated honor as well as a privilege.”  His new album, My Songs, will be released on May 24 and features a modern approach to some of his favorite hit songs, including “Englishman In New York,” “Fields of Gold,” “Shape of My Heart,” “Roxanne,” “Message In A Bottle,” “Every Breath You Take” and many more.
Imagine Dragons will receive the BMI President’s Award for their incredible creative accomplishments as well as their commitment to philanthropic efforts that bring awareness to social injustice. With more than 12 million albums and 35 million singles sold, Imagine Dragons have established themselves as one of the most successful and socially conscious bands of the last decade. The group uses its platform to bring awareness to many charitable causes and recently raised nearly $8 million to help fight childhood cancer for The Tyler Robinson Foundation, as well as $1 million for organizations that provide support to the LGBTQ community.  In receiving the BMI President’s Award, Imagine Dragons joins an illustrious group of previous recipients including Luis Fonsi, P!nk, Adam Levine, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Ludacris, among others.
Cane remarked, “As one of today’s most influential global artists, Imagine Dragons is transforming music and culture with riveting, dynamic and powerful songs. We’re thrilled to celebrate them as well as all of our other wonderful honorees.”
Martin Bandier will become the first music publishing executive to be named a BMI Icon. He will receive the award on behalf of songwriters and for his many contributions to the industry at large. Throughout his career, Bandier has been a trailblazer in the industry and a tireless advocate for songwriting rights, leading the fight for fair-market royalty rates. Under his leadership, Sony/ATV became the largest music publisher in the world and home to some of the biggest names in music including BMI songwriters Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, P!nk, Carole King and Sting. Other BMI Icon recipients include Stevie Nicks, Barry Manilow, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill, David Foster, Carole King, Hall and Oates, The Bee Gees, Chuck Berry, Brian Wilson and many others.

Global Music Report 2019

IFPI’s Global Music Report provides in-depth information about the global recorded music market in 2018, including key market data, trends and challenges. A premium data and analysis section also provides detailed figures for 50+ markets. The Global Music Report 2019: Data and Analysis was published on 2nd April 2019. It contains a detailed assessment of the recorded music industry for the full year 2018. The report features extensive and authoritative data for the global industry and across more than fifty individual markets.

The full Data and Analysis Report is a 140+ page report with a detailed, analytical, and comprehensive picture of the key trends affecting today's music business. An invaluable source of data and analysis about the recorded music market globally for music companies, analysts, investors, commentators, academics, and many others. It contains global, regional, and country-level data for more than fifty markets from 2014-2018 and comes with an executive summary and 30+ slide powerpoint presentation with an optional Excel add-on with global tables and detailed data for more than fifty countries

The Data and Analysis Report features:

  • In-depth analysis of the recorded music sector in the calendar year 2018
  • Global ranking of markets in 2018 by overall recorded music revenues, physical, overall digital, streaming, performance rights, and synchronisation revenues
  • Recorded music sales for 2014-2018 by country
  • Analysis of major regions (Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, Australasia)
  • In-depth analysis on the impact of streaming, through subscription, ad-supported, and video formats
  • Global-level physical volume data 1973-2018, including CDs and vinyl
  • Top 50 global Albums and Top 20 Global Singles 2018
  • Per-capita recorded music spend 2018
  • Detailed appendices containing award and certification levels for more than fifty territories, sales tax levels, and US$ exchange rates for 2018
  • Country-level data for more than 50 territories for each year 2014-2018, including:
  • + Splits for digital, physical, performance rights and synchronisation revenues - global, regional and national
  • + Revenues by format at global and territory level for all streaming formats, permanent downloads, and different physical categories
  • + Where available, top songs, albums, and independent labels

Not all information listed is available for every country 

The India Radio Forum -The New Wave

The India Radio Forum ie back on 31st May, 2019. at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram, this years theme is 'The New Wave'. The veteran leaders like  Abraham Thomas, CEO BIG FM and Ashit Kukian, CEO Radio City will be there and thier views are as follows:,

Abraham Thomas, CEO BIG FM: "Radio offers hyper local reach, local insights, local talent turned influencers, to create interesting shows and tell powerful brand stories. This has created a sweet spot for the advertisers to consider it as a primary medium in their advertising plan. Radio as an industry has evolved with digital times to audio entertainment, where platform agnostic content is created to be placed and promoted across various mediums. A prestigious platform like India Radio Forum adds volume and credibility to these efforts of the radio players which is perfectly captured in this year's theme 'The New Wave' at the IRF. We are all looking forward to another eventful and celebratory night for the radio and media industry." 

Ashit Kukian, CEO Radio City: "Radio possesses the unique ability to seamlessly integrate with other mediums like digital, print, outdoor and TV. This makes radio one of the primary mediums for creating and experimenting with unique content while giving advertisers an opportunity to explore innovative ways to tell their brand stories. India Radio Forum’s theme for this year, ‘The New Wave’, captures the essence of these new-age and path-breaking efforts undertaken by the radio players, and we look forward to yet another celebration of the immense power of radio." 

The complete list of speakers will be out soon. 

'Karutha Penne' crosses 8m views in 4 weeks.

Singer Sanah Moidutty who is known for crooning several hit tracks like 'Tu hai', 'Sindhu Maa' from Mohenjo- daro, 'Afeemi' from Meri Pyaari Bindu to name a few, recently came out with her rendition of malaylalam classic 'Karutha Penne' and has been receiving a lot of appreciation for the same. 
Interestingly, the song has recently crossed over 8 million views in just 4 weeks and Sanah has been getting incessant calls and messages complimenting her for the track. “Karutha Penne had always been one of Sanah favourite tracks and she had been wanting to sing it for a while now. After much thought she went for it and one can say she’s done full justice to the song. The song is also going viral on tik tok and is trending in the regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu". 
Sanah has also given her own twist in this track, she has written the  rap in it which is appreciated by one and all, "The rap is about racial discrimination and racial steroetyping. India is still facing this issue, it's basically most of the people think If you are fair you are beautiful and if you are dark then you are not beautiful. So this rap is about something that condemns this issue and says that dark is beautiful and she is proud of what she is and don't mess with her," says Sanah. "I am glad that our hard work has paid off. I was planning to come out with this song since a long time and I’m really happy that people are liking it. It's always great to receive such love and appreciation from people across the globe and the kind of response ‘Karutha Penne' has received it just shows that music has no language barrier," adds Sanah. The original song Karutha Penne features the iconic pair of Malayalam cinema - Mohanlal and Shobhana from the film Thenmavin Kombath.

The official launch of Sterling Reserve Music Project

Allied Blenders and Distillers in collaboration with Universal Music India, today, announced the official launch of the Sterling Reserve Music Project, the region’s first enabler platform to discover, incubate and promote emerging musical talent from India on a global scale.As part of the launch, Sterling Reserve Music Project introduced the fourth release on the platform, “YoYo” by, upcoming talent, R.S. Chauhan featuring Ikka, a prominent Punjabi rapper and Rishi Rich, a prominent music producer. The single is an original composition where an established singer has mentored an emerging artist.

The evening began with Devraj Sanyal Managing Director and CEO of Universal Music & EMI Music, India & South Asia, Bikram Basu COO, Allied Blenders & Distillers and Olivier Robert-Murphy Global head, Universal Music Group and Brands, sharing insights about the platform and throwing light on the overall vision. This was followed by a performance showcase by recently launched artists and their tracks, namely – Anushqa with “Hear Me”, Left Turn with “Dil Mera” and Arunaja with “Broken.”The fourth track, set to release globally on Sterling Reserve Music Project, “YoYo,” was a high energy performance by R.S. Chauhan and Ikka.

Commenting on the launch, Bikram Basu, Chief Operating Officer, Allied Blenders & Distillers said, “We are excited to build this very enabling Sterling Reserve Music Project. We find artists and artists find us. It provides young talent with a platform to showcase their work to the fullest. Universal Music has the critical understanding of music and the talent ecosystem- and we share the passion. The brand idea is to Chase the Next- unearthing new talent, contemporary sound works perfectly for us.”

Providing insight into the Project, Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director and CEO of Universal Music & EMI Music, India & South Asia said “The purpose of Sterling Reserve Music Project is to incubate and grow unique talent in India. A culturally rich nation like India has an abundance of creative talent and this platform aims to act as a catalyst to create a significant music-driven movement in India. We already have strong proof of the concept being successful based on the runaway success of our first three songs. We are now confident that our fourth track “YoYo” will be received with even more love and support from the region.”

Punjabi rapper, Ikka said, “I’m so excited to present R.S. Chauhan’s sound to the world on Sterling Reserve Music Project. It’s heartening to see a platform like Sterling Reserve Music Project enable young artists, like R.S. Chauhan and breakout their releases in such a meaningful way. I was really happy to work with Rishi Rich and get his support on the song “YoYo.”

The Sterling Reserve Music Project ( is India’s first enabler platform for independent music and aims to be one of the largest incubators for music talent in India. The Project will produce 20 titles in the next 2 years through 5 established artists and 15 upcoming artists.

French artist Plastic Toy and DJ Snake together

Rising French artist Plastic Toy and revered DJ/producer and label boss DJ Snake showcase the official music video for brand-new debut single ‘Try Me’, a slick mid-tempo production out on DJ Snake’s Premiere Classe label. The official music video is shot by Bali based creative content agency Moonkey Creative - who has previously produced content for Mercer, Potato Head and Socialister. With the video following the melodic chill-wave symphony of the track, the cinematic video shows a  surreal version of a relationship cycle that takes place through the perspectives of two toy dolls. From the pair's initial meeting to the depiction of date nights and other more intimate scenarios, we are left with the couple showing consideration over another pill before the male character is left alone.
Plastic Toy explains: “With the music video for "Try Me", we wanted to tell a story that would reflect the emotional feeling of the track. The reason why Moonkey chose to tell it with toys is kind of obvious, but they managed to give them life and the emotions we were looking for, the end scene of the birds flying in the sky is probably my favorite part.” Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, Plastic Toy’s fascination with music was kick-started when learning the drums at the age of 14. The French producer soon started to create his own electronic sounds, using a keyboard and the first software demo he found to craft his colourful and melodic style.

With the producer’s powerful signature sound made up of rhythmic tones with a contemporary twist; it was this particular attribute which caught the ear of Grammy-nominated DJ and producer DJ Snake. Amassing over 13 billion streams on his back-catalogue of hits - including collaborations with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Major Lazer and many more - Parisian producer DJ Snake has made a name as one of the most in-demand artists in the world, with ‘Try Me’ marking his first release on the Premiere Classe label. The release follows a string of recent releases on the imprint from artists such as Chace and ‘Pardon My French’ superstar Mercer.

Preceding DJ Snake’s headline performance on the outside stage at Coachella next month, the official music video for ‘Try Me’ was released on Tuesday April 2nd.

Will Ozzy Osburne accept Knighthood?

In India the highest honor an Musician is being bestowed the Bharat Ratna for thier contributions to society.The British equivalent to the Bharat Ratna is being bestowed the honor of Knighthood, although the Bharat Ratna comes with more finanial benefits being knightedis a big thing in british society.

There are several different types of “Knights” within the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire,” most male musicians are typically made Knights (KT) or Knights of the British Empire (KBE). Some women have also been given the honor and they are made Dames of the British Empire (DEB). Non-Brits also are eligible to receive honorary knighthoods but cannot add the “Sir” or “Dame” title before their names. Many musicians have also received these honors which include being made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) or Officer of the British Empire (OBE).Some of the famous musicians who have been knighted are Sir Paul McCartney, Elton John,Mick Jagger,Bono,Sir Van Morrison,Tom Jones,Shirley Bassey,Bob Geldof,Sting, Roger Daltrey,Rod Stewart, Robert Plant,Eric Clapton,Brian May,The Gibb Brothers Of The Bee Gees, Annie Lennox.

There is a petition in the British parliment to bestow kighthood upon Ozzy Osburne, the ex front man of Black Sabbath and it has also garnered more than the neccessary votes. So we will soon know whether he will want to be part of the establishment or a true rebel and decline the honourlike the likes of John Lennon,David Bowie,Paul Weller & Keith Richards.

Chennai boy Lydian Nadhaswaram wins...

A 13-year-old Lydian Nadhaswaram from Chennai on the piano won.The World’s Best. The competition had 28 contestants drawn from 36 countries and they came not just from music but from various field of arts and entertainment: and so forth. They were of all ages their talent was astounding.

For the audition round Lydian played Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Flight of the Bumblebee at three tempos, the third (325 beats per minutes) twice as fast as the piece is usually played. In the second round, he played an excerpt from Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu and followed it with Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca  blindfolded and that took him into the the Championship Round.

At the finals, Lydian put together a medley of distinctive themes from Hollywood movies: Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter, and the themes from Mission: Impossible, Jurassic Park, and Superman. The best part  of his recital was when he played Harry Potter and Mission: Impossible simultaneously, one with the left hand and the other with the right flawlessly.He is now The World's Best.

Red Bull is here with it's 5th Edition

The rise of Hip-Hop is creating waves in India, with movies like Gully Boy feeling the pulse of the youth. International platforms like Red Bull BC One is giving opportunities to young boys and girls to pursue their Hip-Hop dreams and take them to the global stage.  Red Bull BC One - the most prestigious one-on-one breaking competition in the world - has returned to India for its 5th edition with a new format. With the Red Bull BC One Cypher in the East, North and South Zones complete, the west zone is up next, with Pune on April 8, Mumbai on April 10, and the Red Bull BC One Cypher West Zone on April 11. Red Bull BC One All Star Ronnie and star breakers B-Boy Luigi and B-Girl Narumi will judge proceedings in the West Zone To register for workshops and cyphers in the west zone, log on to:

News18 Reel Awards for Music

Delighting the audience with their foot-tapping chartbusters and soothing tracks last year, Manmarziyaan and Raazi stole a march in the Music category at the’s Reel Awards. The soothing and emotional Daryaa from Manmarziyaan bagged the Best Song award in addition to the Best Playback Singer (Male) accolade. On the other hand, the heartfelt Dilbaro track from Raazi claimed the Best Playback Singer (Female) award along with the Best Lyrics award.

With Amit Trivedi belting out one yet another impressive soundtrack, Daryaa, sung by Ammy Virk and Shahid Mallya, was a track that resonated with the modern-day lover. With a rich Punjabi touch in the number, the two singers ensured that there was a song that would be fondly remembered and cherished for times to come.

Having delivered yet another hit working with Anurag Kashyap, music director Amit Trivedi was absolutely beaming with delight. He said, “It’s always great to work with Anurag Kashyap. There is a different joy when I get to work with him. He always brings the best out of me. I’d like to thank all musicians, technicians and programmers involved in delivering such a fine music album.”

The Punjabi pair came up on screen to accept the award, not leaving the audience disappointed by singing this lovely chartbuster. Commenting on his win, Ammy Virk said, “I’d like to thank TV18, the team and the jury. I would like to bring to your notice that this song was the very first time that I met Shahid. It was absolutely great to work with him and come out with such a fine song.” Expressing his joy, Shahid said, “It’s the team that’s the reason why I’m here in front of you on stage today. I’d also like to thank Amit Trivedi for giving me a song to cherish.”

Penned down by the legendary/maestro Gulzar and backed by the fine vocals of Harshadeep Kaur and Vibha Saraf, Dilbaro was one of the most-loved tracks on the music charts. A song high on the bond between a daughter and her father, on the day of her marriage, ranked high on the emotional connect leaving the listener teary-eyed.

The elated duo came up on stage and left the audience mesmerized with the perfection rendition of the track. Harshadeep Kaur said, “I would like to thank the trio of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy and of course the legend that is Gulzar sahib. Dilbaro isn’t just a song for me, it’s an integral part of our lives.” Her co-singer Vibha Saraf added to her jubilation saying, “I feel so lucky to have a Kashmiri element in this song. You don’t get the chance to work with  legends from the music industry every now and then.”

Budweiser and Divine Unite to elevate the Hip-Hop scene

Budweiser Experiences has united with the face of Indian hip-hop and the inspiration for ‘Gully Boy’ - DIVINE, emphasizing on its promise to give stage to emerging talent a stage while redefining the local music narrative. The brand with their ‘Be A King’ narrative has always believed in the new generation, who play by their own beat and know how to seize and own the moment; DIVINE in many ways defines this.

The year-long partnership marks the brand’s foray into hip-hop in the country, aiding them to further strengthen their local music programme – BUDx.

DIVINE aka Vivian Fernandes, is an underground rapper hailing from Mumbai and is known for his power and passion to rise above and fight hard to turn his rapping dreams into reality. Imbibing a ‘brewed the hard way’ personality, a quality that fittingly signifies the embedded beliefs of the brand, lends deeper quintessence to the synergy between the king of rap and the king of beer. The collaboration aims to bolster endeavors aimed at supporting and growing the local music scene; with a promise of experiences that are truly representative of the brand and its core ideals.  

Commenting on the partnership with DIVINE, Kartikeya Sharma, VP Marketing – South Asia, AB InBev said, “We are beyond thrilled to have DIVINE on board. It’s surreal to watch the music scene in India accelerate at the pace at which it currently has been, with a lot of lesser known genres and their respective artists now taking center-stage. Our partnership with DIVINE is reflective of a strong and similar commitment towards leading and shaping the budding music scene in India. The combined effort will surely help steer the needle towards covert yet emerging music genres enabling them to garner the recognition they truly deserve.”

Adding to the excitement, Vivian Fernandes aka DIVINE said, “I am super excited to be associated with Budweiser! There is a genuine sense of pride to be associated with brands that truly feel and believe what you believe, making this alliance really special. Together, we look forward to making some great music and push hip-hop through our collective journey.”

RJ Archana now on the big screen

Radio City Mumbai’s popular breakfast show host, RJ Archana features as herself in the critically acclaimed black-comedy crime-drama Bollywood film, ‘Bombairiya’, directed by the ravishing Pia Sukanya. Certain crucial scenes of the film were shot in the Radio City Mumbai studio, giving it an authentic feel with a touch of reality. The character of RJ Archana and the depiction of radio are vital to the plot of the film and play an instrumental role in taking the storyline forward.

Radio City was the official radio partner of the multi starrer film Bombairiya that premiered on 14th January, 2019, at the Diorama International Film Festival held in Delhi, right before it hit the theatres on 18th January, 2019. The film has also been made available on Netflix since 15th March, 2019.

Sharing her excitement on the success of the film, Radio City’s RJ Archana said, “It was an amazing experience being a part of Bombairiya, a film that depicts the craziness of the city that never sleeps and this has been nothing short of a joy ride. What was striking for me was getting opportunity take my real life as a Radio City RJ, on the reel and depict the power of radio on the celluloid. Working alongside brilliant actors like Radhika Apte and a vibrant director like Pia Sukanya made this journey even more exhilarating.”

Commenting on the association with Radio City and RJ Archana, Pia Sukanya, Director, said, “As filmmakers, when you imagine a character in a scene and then not only get what you wanted but much more than you expected, it’s a rare and wonderful thing. This happened a few times in making Bombairiya; once when we created the character of a fading superstar that Ravi Kishan played and again with Archana playing RJ Archana! We found that it was more than possible to bring our version of ‘Archana’ to life, because as an actor, she takes direction so well and is natural on screen. She bubbles to life in a very believable way. Writer-Producer of Bombairiya Michael Ward likens her to India’s Goldie Hawn! Shooting at Radio City was ideal as I was looking for authenticity in every frame and we had to fit our crew into real but tiny spaces capturing RJ Archana in her actual environment. I’m sure there were challenges that day but all I remember is plenty of laughter and plenty of choices in the edit!”

‘Bombairiya’, starring Radhika Apte, Siddhant Kapoor, Ravi Kishan, Akshay Oberoi and Shilpa Shukla, is an homage to the city of dreams – Mumbai, aka Bombay. It accurately depicts the overwhelming and contrasting tendencies of the Mumbaikars in their daily lives.

When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

Billie Eilish’s meteoric rise to global stardom has been nothing short of phenomenal and arguably unparalleled to date. Since her ‘Ocean Eyes’ debut, Billie has quietly, yet unapologetically infiltrated the forefront of pop. Thanks to a growing legion of loyal followers across the globe, an EP that has sat in the Billboard Top 200 for more than 18 months now and more than 5 billion combined streams globally, her tours have sold out consecutively around the worl. The teenage marvel’s highly anticipated debut album "When we all fall asleep, where do we go?" releases today 29th March via Darkroom/Interscope Records.
When we made ‘bury a friend,’ the whole album clicked in my head,” Billie explains. “I immediately knew what it was going to be about, what the visuals were going to be, and everything in terms of how I wanted it to be perceived. It inspired what the album is about. ‘bury a friend’ is literally from the perspective of the monster under my bed. If you put yourself in that mindset, what is this creature doing or feeling?” She continues. “I also confess that I’m this monster, because I’m my own worst enemy. I might be the monster under your bed too.”
'When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” was written, produced and recorded entirely by 17-year-old Billie Eilish and brother Finneas in their childhood home of Highland Park, Los Angeles. Recorded in Finneas’ bedroom opposite Billie’s, the pair spent most of 2018 writing songs on the road, then spending many days and nights when off the road, at home, recording the record. The first single to be revealed since the album announcement was “bury a friend,” a driving tour-de-force of a song, trailblazing its way into the world and sounding quite unlike anything else that’s out right now. Reaffirming Billie Eilish’s place in the music world, always ahead of the curve, never compromising her sound or vision.

Searching for his Identity

Ketan Mohite is a singer-songwriter currently working with Furtados School Of Music as Artist & Marketing manager. Has released  his first single " Main Kaun Hoo " which speaks about his voyage and survival. He has been implementing and performing his originals at Prithvi Theatre for the last 3 years from now.One of his compositions can be heard in a German short film called "Away"

Main Kaun Hoon" written and composed by Ketan, Gino Banks (on drums) , Rhythm Shaw ( on guitars), produced by Nyzel Dilma. Its available across all music platforms. He has also released a video of the song which is getting a really good feedback right from legendary Pete Lockette (he has recorded and/or performed with many artists including, Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, The Verve, Amy Winehouse, Pet Shop Boys, Sinéad O'Connor, Jeff Beck, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Craig Armstrong, Roxy Music’s Phil Manzarena and A.R. Rahman amongst many others). He has also worked extensively in the Hollywood film industry, playing on a number of Bond movies including Quantum of Solace, Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale.

Recently he has been invited on All India Radio, the song will soon be aired onall leading radio stations soon

Dino James is out with his new track...

Popular rapper Dino James who has amassed an enviable fan following courtesy his songs like Hancock, Aachi maza aayi, Unstoppable and Bhokali among others, is back with his latest track ‘Faltu Rapper’. The song seems to have hit the right chords with the listeners as it has garnered over 2.7 million views in just 3 days. Dino adds that ‘Faltu Rapper’ in a lot of ways is a song that traces his struggle during the initial days. “Like most upcoming artists, at the start when Dino presented his tracks to directors and musicians in the hope to get that elusive chance, he was told that his tracks were either lengthy or it wasn’t rap music at all or there wasn’t any flow to the songs. He faced rejection from all quarters initially but instead of getting bogged down by it , Dino saw the fun side of it and made a song on himself ‘Faltu Rapper’ which has become a huge hit.
Commenting on the track Dino adds, “Initial days were frustrating but I believed in myself, in fact I saw the funny side to all of this, I decided to make the song ‘Faltu Rapper’ based on all the feedback I’d been getting. We then worked on the video and I’m happy that the listeners could connect with the track and views are very encouraging” he signs off.

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Key West Songwriters Festival

BMI is pleased to announce the lineup for the 24th annual Key West Songwriters Festival, presented by BMI. Set for May 8-12, 2019, the Key West Songwriters Festival will feature legendary hitmakers alongside burgeoning talent in venues across the island. For the seventh year in a row, BMI and Sony Music Nashville will set up shop on Duval Street Saturday night for a free block party featuring Arista Nashville recording artist Brad Paisley and RCA Nashville recording artist Ryan Hurd. Big Loud recording artist and Key West veteran HARDY will return to the festival Wednesday night to kick off the festivities at the Sunset Pier. This year’s confirmed performers include BMI Country Icon Dean Dillon, Liz Rose, Jeffrey Steele and many more.

“I’m so excited to kick off the festival this year,” shared HARDY. “I knew about it before I ever moved to Nashville, and it’s something I look forward to every year. If it weren’t for this festival, there’s a chance my first number one, ‘Up Down,’ would have never been a hit… it was heard at one of the writers rounds and the rest is history! Let’s start this thing off right and can’t wait to see y’all there!”

Attendees will have the chance to check out more than 150 songwriters playing free shows at venues across the island. Other shows include the perennial favorite, Robert Earl Keen’s Bloody Mary Brunch at the Smokin’ Tuna. Ticketed shows for the festival will include theatre shows at the San Carlos Institute, the Tropic Cinema, the Key West Theater and The Studios of Key West.

“Every year, BMI spends a lot of time and attention putting together the Key West lineup to make sure the fans get a taste of what all our songwriters have to offer and we’re so excited about the quality of this year’s lineup,” said Mason Hunter, AVP Creative, Nashville. “We are especially thankful to Sony for once again bringing down an incredible lineup of artists for the Duval Street Party.”

Since 1997, the Florida Restaurant Association and BMI have brought Music Row to Duval Street and beyond, creating a unique environment where industry professionals, songwriters, locals and even tourists are able to experience the best of Nashville in the most intimate of venues. Over the years, the highly-anticipated festival has become a breeding ground for breaking new talent and has become one of the most sought after invites within the Nashville songwriting community. Notable Key West Songwriter Festival alumni include Kacey Musgraves, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Combs, Maren Morris, and Cole Swindell.

Proceeds from the Key West Songwriters Festival will benefit the BMI Foundation, a nonprofit that since 1985 supports the creation, performance, and study of music through awards, scholarships, grants and commissions. Sponsors include SunTrust Bank, Texas Roadhouse, HD Radio, and Walker Feed Company.

For updates, follow @BMI on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and use hashtag #BMIKeyWest.

http://www.keywestsongwritersfestival.comFor a complete listing of shows, venues, participating songwriters and more, visit

Sterling Reserve Music Project, 'Yo Yo'

Sterling Reserve Music Project is proud to present it’s fourth global release, “YoYo,” a collaboration introducing rising star RS Chauhan mentored by IKKA and produced by Rishi Rich.

“YoYo” is a Hindi – Punjabi urban club banger set to up tempo beats by Asian music producer Rishi Rich and appeals to fitness enthusiasts and club goers alike. With the hard hip hop beats that “YoYo” provides and the powerhouse of a vocal delivered by RS CHAUHAN; “YoYo” brings to the forefront the mentor – protégé relationship with IKKA penning the lyrics and delivering a bounce rap, coupled with the in-studio composition by IKKA and RS Chauhan.

“YoYo” is a tribute to Yo Yo Honey Singh and his impact on the world of music.

“YoYo” is a dance track with a party vibe building on the “twerk” dance form and is sure to be the party anthem of the season. The music video has been direct by Robby Singh and Inflict and the production house is Fab Entertainment.

Mr. Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director and CEO of Universal Music & EMI Music, India & South Asia shares, “YoYo” the next song from the Sterling Reserve Music Project has been written in dedication to my dear old friend Yo Yo Honey Singh, who defined the dance, hip hop and R&B space. It’s amazing, when IKKA who’s been inspired by him and considers himself his little brother, then in turn co-writes & co-produces for his protégé RS Chauhan, making this full circle. I’m also very grateful to my long-standing in-house exec producer Rishi Rich for creating magic on this track, which has a lot of the Rishi vibe on it. This one is a sure shot club banger & already has people playing it on loop. The initial reaction is absolutely amazing.”

The slogan of the Youth - Nahi Karna Viah..

VYRL Originals launches its new track Nahi Karna Viah, a foot tapping number with singer-song writer, music producer and cinematographer, Pav Dharia. Young people today often hear from their families and elders, “Settle Ho Ja”, “Peak Age Hai”, “Kab Karoge Haath Peele” etc. etc. and in their minds, all they keep saying “NAHI KARNA VIAH”. The track is a fun and quirky reflection this very mindset of today’s young generation, who form the critical mass of music streaming generation.

Pav Dharia and VYRL Originals present Nahi Karna Viah. In this quirky fun video, Pav plays the lead, who is not willing to marry but is being persuaded by his parents to see prospects through modern and traditional ways. With Punjabi vibes and catchy beats, the track is bound to make audiences groove to it. The song is composed and written by Pav Dharia and Manav Sangha With the success of Na Ja, Pav Dharia has already created a huge fan base of music lovers and with the foot-tapping Nahi Karna Viah it is set to grow multi-fold.

Talking about the track “Pav Dharia’ shares, “Nahi Karna Viah is a story based around the inner call of today’s youth feeling compelled to get married, whilst not actually wanting to! It’s based on multiple narratives I’ve experienced from afar. My best friend Manav & I decided to make a fun track depicting the struggles that so many of our peers will be able to relate to, whilst keeping the mood light and a creating a catchy tune & hook line for everyone to sing along to. I’m extremely excited to release this project with VYRL originals as my first ever production aimed towards the mainstream Indian music industry.”

Sharing his thoughts, Vinit Thakkar, Senior Vice President of Universal Music Group India & South Asia comments “At VYRL, we craft a unique narrative around every track which connects the artist, his music and the fans. Pav Dharia multi-talented artist and Nahi Karna Viah has an instant and inbuilt connect with youngsters at large. The catchy audio and the fun video sum up the pressures of today’s commitment phobic youth in a light-hearted and relatable way. We are thrilled to collaborate with Pav who shares the same passion for story-telling to connect with his fans and I am sure this up-beat track will be loved by Pav’s and VYRL’s fans across the globe.”

VYRL Originals track ‘Nahi Karna Viah’ by Pav Dharia ft. Manav Sangha is now available on all music platforms




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Vinod Krishnan's latest single...

Vinod Krishnan  presenting Subramania Bharathi's poem "Ninnaye Rathi Endru", a love poem with a contemporary score and harmonic arrangements. Team also have up and coming dancer Sophia Salingaros who has choreographed and performed Bharatanatyam and ballet for this song. As Bharathi expresses his love for his wife, Kannama, he elevates her to a celestial angel. Sophia has performed Bharatanatyam to depict Bharathi's expressions, and ballet to depict the abstract subject of his poem - the mystical angel, his wife.

Vinod Krishnan  presenting Subramania Bharathi's poem "Ninnaye Rathi Endru", a love poem with a contemporary score and harmonic arrangements. Team also have up and coming dancer Sophia Salingaros who has choreographed and performed Bharatanatyam and ballet for this song. As Bharathi expresses his love for his wife, Kannama, he elevates her to a celestial angel. Sophia has performed Bharatanatyam to depict Bharathi's expressions, and ballet to depict the abstract subject of his poem - the mystical angel, his wife.

Vinod Krishnan is an established multi-faceted musician-singer, composer and educator. He is a trained singer specializing in Carnatic music. He has composed several singles in genres such as pop, classical, acapella and jazz, among others. He has sung extensively for several dance productions that include popular and ancient Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak. He is also a pianist, who is merit certified in the Digital Keyboard Grade Exams conducted by the Trinity College of Music, London. He has collaborated with artists globally, from cities like Dubai, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, San Jose, Dhaka (Bangladesh), Dubai (UAE), to name a few.
Born in Chennai, India, Vinod Krishnan actively learnt Indian Classical music from the age of 4 years from world renowned musicians such as Madurai T.N. Seshagopalan and Neyveli R. Santhanagopalan, who have received the Padma Bhushan awared in 2004 (Padma Bhushan is India’s 3rd highest civilian award for excellence in arts, among other categories).
Vinod Krishnan has been a stage performer since the age of 11 years, In 1998, he won the prestigious CCRT (Center for Cultural Research and Training) scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. He received this scholarship for South Indian Classical music in the vocal category, for 8 years in a row, until 2006. This scholarship is awarded to students who display exemplary talent in the arts.

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Best Jazz Venue in India

Those of you who have been around from the 1960's through the 1990's will remember the vibrant live music scene in almost every starred hotel in India. Those were the days when you walked into a nightclub like 'Rendezvous' at The Taj Mahal hotel and 'Supper Club' at the Oberoi Sheraton in Mumbai to see curtains going up on a band that was the prime focus of these outlets. Every seat in these restaurants allowed an unobstructed view of the band that performed every night on resident contracts. Today all this has disappeared thanks to some ridiculously high entertainment taxes on live music. Today, non off these hotels have complete bands playing save for a few that feature small duos or solo singers. The Lodhi in New Delhi, recently listed among the world's best hotels, decided to step in and rewind to the good old days. They got Goa's premier jazz quartet 'Jazz Junction' to move to Delhi on a resident contract and the decision has paid off in terms of footfalls generated by the band. Jazz Junction featuring singer Daniella Rodrigues, pianist Tony Dias,
bassist Colin D'Cruz and drummer Angelo Colasco began playing at The Lodhi in June 2018. Four months into the contract the band generated a sizeable following, with quite a few high profile guests choosing to celebrate their special occasion at the Elan bar where the band performs. Against all odds the rewind option proved to be a huge success and hopefully other properties around the country takes the cue to trigger a whole new revival  of live music.